Useful advice

It's not completely relevant to Lc0, but many people who follow CCCC wonder how to disable sound.

If you use Chrome browser, you can mute the tab by right's clicking tab's header and choosing "mute site" from there. :)
The same also works for Firefox.
Possibly in other browsers too.

Also there is a javascript snippet which shows material difference, written by the community.
Link: https://pastebin.com/raw/R3fY11zY
To use, just copy contents of that snippet into javascript console when CCCC is on.
(In Chrome, that's F12 and then Console tab).
UPD: Also variant which shows 50-move clock.
UPD2: Variant which does that even better (also resets on captures, not only pawn moves)


  1. Wow thanx a lot u really did not have to do that.

  2. The 50-move counter seems to struggle with piece captures not involving pawns -- I had thought that those also reset the counting?

    1. Indeed, thanks for reporting! There is an updated version from the author.

    2. Thanks to the author for providing the update, as well as shiny new piece graphics too!

      Shame I couldn't patch it myself, which would have made me feel even more smug :)


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