Leela versus Stockfish in Lichess is coming....

 Lichess.org will host a match between the mighty Stockfish 10 and Leela. It will be a 6 games match with time control of 5'+2" with ChessNetwork commentary.
Games will be played on 15th December at 17:00 UTC.

Stockfish 10 will run on 64 cores 2.3GHz Xeon, while Leela will use the latest v19.1 Lc0 with 11248 network and will run on one GTX 1080 Ti + one RTX 2080 GPU.

It will be played with the @LeelaChess and @Stockfish10Chess accounts so follow one of these to see the match.

The official announcement.

The games of the match and more details will be available in an updated post here.