Lc0 v0.17.0 has been released.

v0.17.0 is out of "release candidate" status, and now is fully released!

Can be downloaded here.

It has no changes relative to RC2. For the list of differences relative to v0.16, see posts for v0.17.0-rc1 and v0.17.0-rc2.

It is encouraged now that everyone who contributes training games, switches to version v0.17.0.

After the network training reset (which is probably few weeks from now), only version v0.17 will be accepted. This is because v0.16 has rule50 encoding bug.


  1. The comma after "everyone" implies that everyone contributes training games.

  2. Actually the comma after "training games" shouldn't be there, either. Are you German by any chance? :)

  3. Well, as long as we’re nit-picking, the sentence is in the present subjunctive tense, so “switches” should be “switch”: “It is encouraged that everyone ... switch to the latest version”.


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