Lc0 v0.18.0-rc1 has been released.

The release candidate of a new Leela version has been released:


We expect testing phase to last around 7-10 days, after which proper v0.18.0 will be released.

Download and full changelog here. Please test it thoroughly and report any bugs that you find.

Please don't use release candidates to generate training games. We only use stable versions for that.

Change highlights:

  • Full Syzygy tablebase support (both WDL and DTZ) (read here for more context what it is).
  • MultiPV support is added.
  • Time management is optimized. Leela should take more time in first half of the game now, and insta-move rarer.


  1. GPU: Is there a clear description anywhere of all the steps to follow to run this as GPU? (CPU was very easy) GPU: It seems to be very disorganized. I was not able to get it to work. can someone explain each step (one by one) for people who are not professionals?

    1. It is just exactly previous record of exactly this blog, every step here described.

      I've used this instruction and got without any problem. The only thing was that I hadn't driver for CUDA, so CUDnn started to work only after download and install latest version of driver for my GPU.

  2. If v18 will have tablebase support does that mean tb rescoring is no longer necessary?

    1. It's hard to make all contributors set up Syzygy tablebases on their computer, so for training games generation tablebases won't be used, and they will still be rescored on the server.

    2. Crem, just to be clear, you're referring to the test30 nets' games being rescored, correct? No immediate plans for test20 to adopt TB rescoring, correct? Just had a discussion with someone earlier today about this, so just curious.

  3. What is the meaning of "temperature" in the question: 21th September 6PM UTC : The temperature change was kind of unexpected for some users, so here's a poll: Keep current temperature ?


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