Lc0 v0.21.2 has been released

After quite a long delay we are releasing an update to Lc0, new version is v0.21.2.

Download here.

Changes include:
  • Optimizations for GTX 16xx cards (cudnn-fp16 now works for them, even though it doesn't give as much performance boost as for RTX cards).
  • "Sticky endgames" feature (default on). This makes Lc0 play better when it sees a checkmate somewhere during the search.
  • Centipawn formula has been updated, now Lc0 will show eval values more similar to what other engines show.
  • Optimization for wider (more filters) neural net, for future (maybe test60) runs.


  1. I'm going to upgrade https://hub.docker.com/r/vochicong/lc0-docker to Lc0 v0.21.2 .

  2. why does leela waste time winning already won position and start playing Dubious move? it make my pc hot and it annoy me please tell me what to do or please fix this bug

    1. When Leela gets a winning position, stop wasting your own time and CPU time — watch a new game!

  3. what's the strongest network to use? The latest one or according ti the self played elo rating?


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