Nibbler: an Lc0 GUI

Does the world need another Chess GUI? Some people say no, but they don't have very many Chess GUIs, do they?

I'm the author of Nibbler, the first Chess GUI designed specifically for Lc0, and inspired by the excellent Lizzie Go interface. Although Nibbler is a work in progress, it's very usable, and has received a lot of favourable comment.

Being designed specifically for Lc0 means it can use the sort of information Leela provides that other engines don't (or can't). For example, Leela is always giving opinions about multiple different moves, and so Nibbler shows several possibilities graphically.

For the more technically minded Leela user, Nibbler also provides Nodes, Policy, and Uncertainty statistics.

Prebuilt binary releases are here. Do send bug reports and feature requests.


  1. Wow lots of effort into this..

  2. Replies
    1. LCO with GUI should be in normal dmg installing package like Leela go is, like Stockfish is and so on. Current situation is sad :(

  3. I extracted windows version to LC directory, then run Nibbler binary, it says "Hlted Nodes0, N/s: 0 Time: 0s. The weight file is also in the same directory. Nothing I do will cause Nibbler to do anything. I deleted (and tried editing) the congig.json....but nothing works. LC works fine in Arena / Fritz. Any ideas? Thanks!